Now is the time of year to give attention to your home security and all those maintenance jobs that still need to be done before you go on holiday and before the new year starts.  

TAKE NOTE: We will be available right through the holiday season – Feel free to call me any time (for emergencies as well!!)

You can call us for all your electrical, security and maintenance needs! We also do building alterations and project management. Household, commercial and Industrial projects welcome. 

We also do COC certificates, new installations and maintenance on all electrical work (Stove/Oven’s, Geysers, Electrical wiring etc), Swimmingpool pumps, Jacuzzi pumps, Borehole pumps, Sun and Inverter power systems, Heat pumps, Electric fencing, Gate motors, Garage door openers, Garage doors, Alarm systems, DVR/NVR CCTV systems, Airconditioners, Irrigation, Steel work, Plumbing work, Paintwork, Building work and lots more!

We can do COC’s for R850.00 (excl vat), 1-1 Video Intercom’s from R4750.00 (excl vat), Centurion Gate motors from R5750.00 (excl vat),
Garage door openers from R3950.00 (excl vat), Alarm systems from R12950.00 (excl vat), CCTV systems from R12950.00 (excl vat),
Outdoor Passive infrared detectors from R2950.00 (excl vat) and many more!! Terms and conditions apply.

Give Pierre a call at 0837284856 with your inquiries!!


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